I am Scientist and believe in God-1.

I am a scientist (B.Sc , M.Sc & Ph.D) in Science and with Master in Systems Engineering and many others disciplines(Operations Research, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Project Managements,..) But I am believe in God. Also I was 5 years in Russia in the time of Communism and Marxism ideology and this didn't affect my belief.

I have studied Thermodynamics laws, Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Newton Mechanics, Hydromechanics, Euclidean Geometry and Spherical Geometry, Optics and Electromagnetic Theory, Atomic Theory, with very high mathematical formulas and very complicated theories and equations.

Logic and all method of proof I used. I can distinguish between what is science and what is not. Before you jump and say something I tell you that religion is not science but it is a faith and belief. I studied Darwin's theory 60 years ago it wasn't cumpolsary. But I consider it is as fiction and not facts. It is not science and can be considered a belief.

I have the patience to read the scientific papers and research even if they are very new line or is not from my field or contradict my views because I have the basis grounds. So I have read thousands from different views about the philosophy, religion, beliefs, atheism, Evolution, the Big bang, astronomy, cosmology, etc. 

As a researcher, System Engineer, Programmer, designer enjoyed creations for things the human intelligence can make. I analysis the miracles God makes in our body and eel that the Universe has creator too and our bodies have Intelligent designer.

As I am aware about the scientific discoveries and universe facts, I couldn't find anybody could create a tiny cell of life from scratch. May be we could manipulate the genes or cloning sheep but this is not from scratch. Scientist also can't stop Tsunami, Huricane and  change anyproperties likes Gravity, magnetism, ....

All what we study in science is "what is" and how it is going on. Why there is day and night?. The day is 24 hours. The earth is spanning around itself and go around the Sun etc. Why things is fallen to the ground? [the gravity] . We put laws or formula and verified them to describe these phenomena. What the magnetism and electricity laws What the concave or convex lenses and and different mirrors can do etc.