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Evolution is not science

I saw St.Mary with millions
Mircales of Hormons.
Mircales of Mother's milk
Mircales of Eye
Mircales of immune System

Mircales of blood clotting

I am Scientist and believe in God.

I am a scientist (B.Sc , M.Sc & Ph.D) in Science and with Master in Systems Engineering and many others disciplines(Operations Research, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Project Managements,..) But I am believe in God. Also I was 5 years in Soviet Union in the time of Communism and Marxism ideology and this didn't affect my belief.

As a researcher, System Engineer, I analysis the miracles of the systems in our body.

As I am designer and programmer, I enjoyed being a designer and creator for things the human intelligence can make. So I have sense of creation and designer and feel that the Universe has creator too. And our systems in our bodies has Intelligent designer.

I have studied Thermodynamics laws, Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Newton Mechanics, Hydromechanics, Euclidean Geometry and Spherical Geometry, Optics and Electromagnetic Theory, Atomic Theory, with very high mathematical formulas and very complicated theories and equations.

Logic and all method of proof I used. I can distinguish between what is science and what not. Before you jump and say something I tell you that religion is not science but it is a faith and belief. I studied Darwin's Theory 40 years agoit wasn't cumpolsary. But I consider it as fiction and not facts. It is not science and can be considered a belief.

I have the patience to read the scientific papers and research even if they are very new line or is not from my field or contradict my views because I have the basis grounds. So I have read thousands from different views about the philosophy, religion, beliefs,atheism, Darwinism , evolution, the Big bang Theory, astronomy, cosmology, etc. etc.

As I am aware about the scientific discoveries and universe facts, I couldn't find anybody could create a tiny cell of life from scratch. May be we could manipulate the genes or cloning sheep but this is not from scratch.

All what we study in science is "what is" and how it is going on.Why there is day and night?. The day is 24 hours and not 30. The earth is spanning around itself and go around the Sun etc etc. Why things is fallen to the ground ? [the gravity] . We put laws and formula to describe these phenomena. Verify the formula and correct it . But why these laws are in that shape and not not another. What the magnetism and electricity and what laws but why these law in that manner and not otherwise. What the concave or convex lenses and prism do to the light. What the different mirrors can do to the light and pictures... etc....

Few years ago, my sight had dropped suddenly. Four different specialists couldn't find any defects in my eyes. No operations can be done on my eyes and glasses can not help. Until MRI test has found a little tumer in the brain up of my nose. They suggested that this tumor may be doing pressure on my nerve from eyes to the brain and they suggested to make operation to get rid of it. I hesitated since I don't imagine that my scull will be broken in the operation. After their warning that I could be blind if I don't do that { reading and many hours using the computer are my life), I agreed to do the operation. Instead of opening the skull to reach the brain they did the operation through my nose. They removed the tumor but they damaged a very tiny thing is called pituitary Glands. The pituitary is a gland attached to the base of the brain which secretes hormones that govern the onset of puberty, sexual development of reproductive function.and sexual characteristic, mussels, hair, voice beside many other activities not related to me ( breast milk production, menstrual cycles, infertility, vaginal dryness, and loss of some female characteristics for women, growth hormones for children,...).Water levels in the body. Also this gland activate other gland functions. For example The pituitary secretes thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete hormones that affect body metabolism. .

The pituitary gland is a small structure that is located just below the brain. It is attached by a stalk to the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls its function.

The hormones secreted by the pituitary and their functions are:

Also the pituitary gland controls the release of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), which govern the onset of puberty, sexual development and reproductive function.

After the operation and loosing the pituitary glad, I have Hypopituitarism. Because the pituitary gland affects the other endocrine organs, effects of hypopituitarism may be gradual or sudden and dramatic. I gained weight(30 km), I become dehydrate my face hair stop growing ( I was happy for that), my voice become softer, frequently thirsty, frequently urine ...The extra weight (30 km) affect my heart pressure.

So they give me a hormone replacement therapy. I take tablets for Thyroxine, Cortisone.

As a caution of heart diseases, I have to take three medicine plus cholesterol tablets.

For not being dehydrate and to control myself and to not be wet and control my urine, I have to puff minirin nasal in my nose on the night and morning.

For edema in my feet (swallow feet), I have to take some tablets plus potassium supplements.

So I can not leave my place for long times. So I have to retire and sit before the computer many hours and shuttle between fridge to drink and Toilette .

All this because my tiny gland lost or damaged?.

This shows the mircles in our body which can not be there by chance or evolution
hypothesis or by bigbang theory. It is  example on the affect of my loosing or damaging the pituitary glad. It was given to show why we have to believe that our body can not be by chance. How a very tiny part in our brain "gland" affect our life.

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