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What's Science

Scientific Method

Scientific Theory

Atomic theory is science
DNA is science

Evolution is not Science nor theory?

The minimum requirements for being a science was given in the ruling of  the U.S. Supreme Court, 1981. Judge Overton found that science has four essential features:

  1. It is guided by natural laws, and is explanatory by references to natural laws.

  2. Science is testable against the empirical world.

  3. Its conclusions are tentative, not the final word.

  4. It is falsifiable

But for Evolution(macro evolution, chemical evolution, organic evolution ) with exceptional of micro-evolution) is:

- It is not testable against the empirical world.

- It is not falsifiable

So it is not Science.

Also Evolution(except micro evolution) is not scientific theory because it is still unsubstantiated hypothesis or idea. Despite they call it "Evolution Theory"  but that in the common usage of the word "theory" by puplic which refers to ideas that is just a vague and fuzzy and have no firm proof or support. But it is not scientific theory. In science,  theory means a well-substantiated explanation of data. satisfies most if not all of the theory conditions: [ see here]:

  • It is not logically "OR" Empirically tested

  • It is not  predict anything

  • It doesn't provide retrodictions that are testable.

  • Its results can not be reproduced so it is impossible to determine if those results were ever actually valid (rather than the result of error or fraud).

  • It is not  falsifiable so is impossible to tell if it is true or not, and thus it won't be possible to correct it via experimentation. & Falsifiable

So it is not a scientific theory.

Falsifiable= Capable of being falsified, counterfeited, or corrupted[Definitions from The Online Plain Text English Dictionary:]

falsifiable   means that cases must exist in which the theory can be imagined to be invalid). For example saying "Things fall down" will be invalid if we find an object fall up. When a theory is not falsifiable, it is impossible to tell if it is true or not, and thus it won't be possible to correct it via experimentation. & Falsifiable

Many evolutionists offer mutations and antibiotic resistance in bacteria (operational science) as being some sort of prediction of evolution (origins science). In fact, genetics (operational science) was an embarrassment to evolution, which is probably the major reason that Mendelís pioneering genetics research went unrecognized for so many years (Mendelís discovery of discrete genes did not fit Darwinís idea of continuous unlimited variation). When mutations were discovered, these were seen as a way of reconciling Darwinism with the observations of operational scienceóhence the neo-Darwinian synthesis of Mayr, Haldane, Fisher, etc.

So, Darwinism never predicted anything, it was modified to accommodate the observations. In fact, because Darwinism is so malleable as to accommodate almost any conceivable observation[ from "Itís not scienceí" by Don Batten in Answers in Genesis]