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When I saw St Mary with other millions

I saw St Mary in 1968 when I was 25 years old after four year since graduation from Faculty of Science.  I saw her when St Marry was appeared for many days around the top of St marry Church at Zeitoun of Cairo in Egypt and millions saw that  [including musslims and the media] . I couldn't stand in one place from people pressure. I had to move with the crowd with the flow through the four perpenduclar street around the Church. The Vatican has sent their delegation to investegat and confirmed that [this church is not a Catholic Church]. All skeptics , unbelievers, non-christian, non-orthodox exhusted all their investgations to explain the mattert. So please don't jump to quick explanation and find simple explanation. Even the Egyptian Islamic government recognized that and gifted the opposite land [was government's bus depot] to build another bigger church. It was the easiest church built in Egypt without the hard conditions to build a church.

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