Interesting facts on volcanoes


  1. How far has anyone ever gone down into a dead volcano crater?
  2. Which volcano killed the most people and when did it happen?
  3. What is the most active volcano in the world ?
  4. How many active and non-active volcanoes are there ?
  5. What about volcanoes on other planetary bodies?
  6. Where was the first reported volcanic eruption?
  7. What is the largest volcano in the world?
  8. If lava showed scientists that there is mantle, how do you know that there is a core in the center of the Earth?
  9. We really want to know how many active volcanoes are in existence?
  10. Where and when did the last volcano erupt?
  11. What is the first plant to inhabit a volcano flow?
  12. Which volcano is most active?
  13. Can you tell me if volcanoes have ever been used to make electricity by heating water?
  14. If the Earth were the size of an apple how thick would the solid crust be?
  15. Where do I find the world's biggest still active volcano?
  16. Has anyone ever tried to live in a volcano?
  17. What was the largest volcanic explosion ever to occur?
  18. How hot is a volcano?
  19. What's the youngest volcano?
  20. Which volcano is most active right now?
  21. How many volcanoes in the world?
  22. What is the scariest volcano you've been by?
  23. How deep is the worlds deepest volcano?
  24. What is the average amount of lava that comes out of a volcano when it erupts?
  25. I want to know why Mauna Loa has sunk into the Earth's crust creating a trench?
  26. Do you have more information about the composition of the lava from the volcano Oldoinyo Lengai?
  27. What is the most active volcano in the world?
  28. What is the biggest active volcano in the world?
  29. Is it a good idea to dispose of radioactive waste in volcanoes?
  30. What is the farthest distance away that a volcano has been heard erupting?
  31. Where is the biggest volcano?
  32. How do you rate the current level of volcanic activity on earth in comparison to what you know about historic activity?
  33. Can you please tell me if Krakatoa or Tambora was the most explosive volcanic eruption
  34. How many volcanoes are in the U.S.A.?
  35. Where are the majority of volcanoes located?
  36. Why is has the number of human fatalities increased within the past 100 years when compared to fatalities within the past 300 years?
  37. What is the average amount of people who die from volcano eruptions each year?
  38. I was wondering if you could please send some interesting facts on volcanoes to my school.
  39. How many active volcanoes are there in the U.S.A.?
  40. how high can lava shoot when it is erupting?
  41. Where is the deadliest Volcano located?
  42. How many different types of volcano's are there?
  43. What is the most active volcano in the U.S.?
  44. How long do volcanoes usually take when there erupting?
  45. About how many people have been killed by volcanoes?
  46. Has there been an increase in volcanic activity in the last 6 months or is the media just reporting on these more than usual?
  47. Chemically speaking, what makes volcanic ash so beneficial to soil (for farming)?
  48. What specific chemicals typically erupt from a volcano?
  49. Approximately what percentage of volcanoes cause "tidal waves"--or at least large ocean disturbances?
  50. Which volcano has done the worst damage to land, people and weather? If found what type of volcano was it?
  51. They would like to know why the explosion from the volcano would not wake up the people in time for them to get to safety.
  52. What is the tallest volcano in the world?
  53. What is the oldest volcano in the world.
  54. Can you give me more information on the eruption of Mt.Vesuvius in 79 AD?
  55. We are a first grade classroom in MN, studying volcanoes. We'd like to know: When did volcanoes first appear on earth? and Who was the first person to study volcanoes?
  56. Why did they name a volcano a "volcano?"
  57. Where is the largest active volcano located?
  58. How much power did it create in the big explosion?
  59. What was the biggest eruption in the history of the world?
  60. What is has been the biggest eruption ever?
  61. Where and when was the most historic eruption of a volcano?
  62. How long was the longest lava flow in the world?
  63. We were wondering how volcanoes affect the weather?
  64. How many volcanoes are in the world?
  65. I would like to know the temp. of molten lava?
  66. Where is the largest volcano that is located in this universe?
  67. How high is the highest volcano?
  68. What was the biggest volcanic bomb that has shot out of a volcano, in North America?
  69. What is the smallest , largeest, tallest ,hottest?
  70. Can you send me a copy of some chemical analyses of Mt. St. Helens ash and glass?
  71. What type of gases are in magma?
  72. When will San Diego be next to Washington?
  73. hat volcano had the biggest eruption?
  74. What volcano has erupted the most times?
  75. Since 1914, has there been an increase in volcano eruptions, and if so what are the statistics ?
  76. Would the world be better off without volcanoes?
  77. What is the largest volcano that ever erupted?
  79. How far away do you have to be to hear a volcano, what is the longest length to be away from a volcano?
  80. What is the largest volcano in the world?
  81. I would like to have a list of top ten major large and most hazardous volcanic eruptions
  82. Do you know the gas released in the eruption next to an African village that suffocated the villagers?
  83. What was the biggest volcanic eruption in American history?
  84. How far does a volcano shoot?
  86. What are intrusive and extrusive rock?
  87. What is the average amount of time a volcano erupts for?
  88. What is the biggest volcano in the world?
  89. What is the most historically active volcano in the Caribbean?
  90. What is the English meaning Mauna Kea?
  91. Can lava melt a diamond?
  92. What is the largest volcano in the world? What size is it?
  93. What is the largest volcano in the world? What size is it?
  94. What are the most active volcanoes in the world?
  95. Where is the biggest VOLCANO?
  96. Where is the largest volcano that is located in this universe?
  97. How high is the highest volcano?
  98. Can you name all the decade volcanoes?
  99. What is the tallest volcano in the world?
  100. What is the average temperature of the magma in a volcano?
  101. What was the most violent volcano that ever erupted?
  102. What was the most dangerous Volcano that killed the most people in the world?
  103. What volcano was the most destructive
  104. How many people were killed by Krakatoa?
  105. How long has the longest eruption lasted and what volcano was it?
  106. Are there any volcanoes on Pluto?
  107. What is the most destructive earthquake ever known to have caused the most damage?
  108. What is the connection between volcanoes and acid rain?
  109. how do volcanoes effect the ocean
  110. What is the best type of gas mask to wear for protection against volcanic gasses?
  111. Has there ever been a chain reaction of volcanoes, where one volcano will explode, and then the next one along the plate line explodes, etc.? Is this something that could possibly happen?
  112. the largest # of active V,s is located around which ocean basinn?
  113. Do hot spot volcanoes only happen on the ocean floor ?
  114. What is the largest active volcano and where is it located?
  115. What is the smallest volcano?
  116. How is volcanic activity related to continintal drift theorys or plate techtonics, and how is pangea tied into all of this?
  117. Do you believe in the theory that all the volcanoes of the world are all connected to each other, and consequently, lead to the center of the earth.d
  118. Why can't we plug up volcanos?
  119. I am doing a project for school and I was wondering what was the longest time a volcano erupted and the longest lava flow and how high up it shoots.
  120. What place has the most active volcanoes in the world?
  121. Where are most volcanoes found on the earth?
  122. Has anyone ever gone into a volcano and how is it like?
  123. Which volkano is the oldest in the world ?
  124. Where is the highest volcano located, how high is it and what is it called?
  125. If Popocatepetl should have a very violent explosion, is 70 kilometers distance far enough away to be safe? How far from Mt. St. Helens or Pelee or Vesuvius or other extremely violent explosions was damage caused? If the air is filled with ash, will it be difficult to breathe, and if so would it be useful to have gas masks available?
  126. What are the top 10 most active volcanoes in the world?
  127. What is the smallest valcano on earth??
  128. How many volcanoes exist?
  129. Around what ocean is the ring of fire located?
  130. What are volcanic islands and how are they formed?
  131. how many volcanos are erupting right now in the world ?
  132. How far away was the 1815 eruption of Tambora heard?
  133. What is thought to be the largest caldera in the world?
  134. What is the largest volcano?
  135. Can you tell me how old each of the following Hawaiian volcanoes are?
  136. The largest valcanic explosive caused half of an island to be destroyed.
  137. I am working on a Biology project about volcanoes.
  138. When did the first ever recorded volcano erupt?
  139. How many people are kill each year because of volcanos?
  140. Why are volcanoes of iceland different from other volcanoes, is it because they are sub-glacial? Are there other reasons?
  141. Are there more volcanoes erupting now than other times in the last 100 years?
  142. Could you give me some information about volcanoes?
  143. How long do volcanoes stay active?
  144. How big is the biggest volcanic crater?
  145. What is the highest volcano in the world?
  146. What is the largest volcano in the world and will it erupt again?
  147. is there any material that wont melt or burn in an eruption?
  148. Is it possible for a extinct volcano to erupt again? If one is able to dive under the Lake Toba, do you think it can lead one under the earth surface?
  149. What are volcanic products?
  150. How does an undersea eruption produce a tsunami in the Pacific?
  151. Where is the region of highest volcanic activity?
  152. Is Mount Shasta the second highest volcano in the lower 48 states?
  153. What is the longest lasting volcano?
  154. Can volcanoes erupt without being a hot spot?
  155. What was the biggest eruption recorded?
  156. When is a volcano considered extinct? And why is Capulin considered extinct?
  157. What is the estimate of the number of people who were killed in the most recent eruption?
  158. Does the Earth have less volcanic activity today that in the past?
  159. Which country has the most volcanoes?
  160. Is it true when rocks are heated above 600 degrees celcius they lose their magnetism.
  161. Is it true that during a volcano lighting can occur and why?
  162. Why do steep-sided volcanoes form over down-going plates?
  163. Why does lightning come out of volcanoes?
  164. How many volcanoes are located along the Ring of Fire?
  165. Where are the oldest rocks in the world?
  166. Is there any chance of mining diamonds from old volcanoes?
  167. What is the longest a volcano has ever erupted?
  168. I need some fascinating facts and weird things about Mount St. Helens?