Questions about volcanic eruptions


  1. Why do some volcanoes explode into the air while others flow out laterally?
  2. How is it possible for a hot spot like the one under Hawaii to remain stable and in one position for millions of years given the supposed convecting and unstable nature of the mantle?
  3. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  4. How far away do you have to be from an erupting volcano?
  5. Is it neat to see a volcano erupt?
  6. Which volcano do you predict will erupt next?
  7. How possible is it for Mt. Rainier to erupt, given the growing number of earthquakes in western Washington?
  8. Does the ash from Popo ever drift over the USA and deposit?
  9. What makes a volcano erupt?
  10. Can eruptions of volcanos be predicted by water level and or temperature?
  11. How do you know when a volcano erupts?
  12. How many volcanic eruptions occurred since 1956?
  13. What signs are examined to determine if a volcano is going to erupt?
  14. How long can eruptions last?
  15. How do volcanos erupt?
  16. Is the explositivity scale based on the volcano's silica/viscosity ?
  17. Why do volcanoes erupt so much?
  18. Has anyone ever been killed in the past century due to a volcanic eruption?
  19. How do volcanoes erupt?
  20. Were there any major eruptions in the period June 1993 - June 1994?
  21. What makes a volcano explode?
  22. How long does an eruption usually last?
  23. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  24. Once a volcano goes kaboom, how long will it take it to erupt again?
  25. Can you explain how the latest volcanic prediction of measuring "bulges" and a consequent rise of the volcano body works?
  26. How do volcanologists predict an imminent volcanic eruption?
  27. What is the fastest the ash and the lava has traveled?
  28. How much time have we got to evacuate the city after sighting the first sign of eruption?
  29. Can you tell me if there are other volcanoes similar to the one at Chance's Peak?
  30. What is or was the longest continuous eruption ever?
  31. What are the chances of a magmatic eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in Montserrat?
  32. Do you think there will be a major eruption at Mt. Ruapehu in New Zealand?
  33. What happened at Mt. Ruapehu, currently?
  34. Is it possible that the Atom tests of the French at Mururoa triggered the eruption of the volcano RUAPEHU in New Zealand?
  35. What is the current consensus of Popocatepetl?
  36. Is it safe to visit Montserrat?
  37. Do all volcanoes have lava when they erupt?
  38. How do you know when a volcano is going to erupt?
  39. Was the destruction of Atlantis due to a massive volcanic eruption?
  40. When was the last major eruption of a volcano?
  41. When Volcanoes erupt and emit C02 into the atmosphere, what effect does this have on climate?
  42. I heard that when a volcano erupts usually an eathquake happens somewhere else.
  43. How do valcanoes erupt?
  44. When an underwater volcano explodes, does the water put it out?
  45. Have any volcanoes recently erupted and where were they?
  46. Have you ever been near a volcano just before it erupted?
  47. What makes a quiet eruption different from an explosive eruption?
  48. What is the name of the European volcano that is supposed to erupt very soon? Where is it located?
  49. Are any severe earthquakes associated with volcanic erruption?
  50. What causes volcanoes to erupt?
  51. Where can I find satellite pictures that shows the plume of its ash?
  52. What are some of the volcanoes that erupted in the last two years?
  53. Please describe to us two types of volcanic eruptions.
  54. Can volcanoes actually "explode"? Like if the top is really tightly plugged?
  55. Can you predict when a volcano is about to erupt?
  56. Is there any volcanoes that are erupting now or have erupted in the past 3 years?
  57. What is maximum ground distance that lava can flow from an erupting volcano?
  58. Have you ever actually seen a volcano erupt?
  59. In centigrade, how hot would the ash be?
  60. When do volcanoes erupt and is there a predictable pattern?
  61. What can people who live nearby an active volcano do to protect themselves?
  62. Where on the net can I find weekly updates of volcanic activity?
  63. Where in Volcano World, or elsewhere may I find information on the Volcanic Explosivity Index?
  64. Can you give me the name of the volcano (and where) who explode in March 1986 and is the biggest one from the past 150 years?
  65. I am looking for a list of active volcanoes, those that have erupted since 1945, or earlier.
  66. How do ocean volcanos erupt if they're in the ocean?
  67. Is there any research available about the predictions of volcanoes?
  68. Does the size of the volcano determine the height of the eruption
  69. Have scientists discovered how to predict volcanoes? If so, how? Approximately how many volcanoes erupt each year? Which volcano has erupted the most ?
  70. What makes a volcano erupt lava all over the place?
  71. Is there a difference between the ways that the three types of volcanoes erupt?
  72. How accurate are your predictions? Which volcanic eruption killed the most people?
  73. Explain how a volcano erupts.
  74. What is the highest height of the lava shooting in the air?
  75. What different gasses are released when a volcano erupts?
  76. What causes a volcano to erupt?
  77. What happens when a volcanoes erupt ?
  78. Explain how volcanoes erupt.
  79. How does a volcano start?
  80. In how many years does it take for a volcano to erupt?
  81. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  82. When is the next volcano expected to erupt?
  83. Compare a violent volcano eruption and the explosion from an atomic bomb.
  84. How often do volcanic eruptions occur?
  85. What kind of flow was the volcano? How many days did the eruption last?
  86. What volcano erupted between 1700-1725?
  87. How often does a volcanic eruption occur?
  88. Does a lack of recent volcanic rocks rule out the possibility of a volcanic eruption in the near future?
  89. How hot is the average volcano tempature?
  90. How far does debris from an explosive volcanic eruption travel?
  91. What technology if any can be used to measure the effects of volcanoes?
  92. When a volcano erupts what, other than lava is spewed out?
  93. How many times does a volcano erupt before it will not erupt anymore?
  94. Magma rising inside a volcano might be indicated by:?
  95. Popocatepetl has "poofed" again.Does this mean that it is going to erupt?
  96. When was the most resent volcano that eruped?
  97. Which volcanoes have erupted since 1990?
  98. Can an ash cloud get bigger even if the volcano is done for good?
  99. How long was the longest eruption?
  100. About how many volcanoes erupt each day in the world?
  101. How are scientists able to predict when some volcanoes are going to erupt?
  102. What is the most violent type of volcanic eruption?
  103. Please make a list of recent volcanic eruptions similar to the list available for earthquakes.
  104. I need more information on volcanic eruption (not formation!)
  105. I need to know exactly when volcanic eruptions occured in the past 200 years.
  106. When a cauldera is formed, is the explosion as powerful as when a rhyolitic volcano erupts without the magma chamber collapsing?
  107. Why do some mountains, or volcanoes, erupt just ashes, while some erupt ashes and lava, or magma?
  108. The rumors about predicting volcanoes is there any truth to that?
  109. Why does a volcano erupt?
  110. How does a volcano erupt?
  111. Why do some volcanic eruptions come out of cracks in the ground and some come out of mountains or hills?
  112. What triggers a Volcano eruption?
  113. What is that thing called that they put in volcanoes to stop them from erupting.
  114. What are the different events that happen before a volcano erupts?
  115. Name and describe the equipment that is used when studying volcanoes
  116. What technology if any can be used to measure the effects of volcanoes?
  117. When a volcano erupts what, other than lava is spewed out?
  118. Have you ever observed a volcano errupting?????
  119. How do you predict the eruptions of volcano?
  120. how can you tell if a big eruption will occur?
  121. Are we overdue for a Volcanic catastrophy, if so any ideas of where andwhen??
  122. could tell me whether volcanologists have predicted the next eruptions or howthey would predict it
  123. Is there an accurate way of predicting future eruptions of volcanoes??
  124. Do volcanoes go through any phase changes while or before erupting?
  125. What is a Plenian eruption?
  126. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  127. Is there currently a scale used to measure volcanic activity such as the mercalli scale or richter scale?
  128. What are the two main types of volcanic eruption and what types of deposits do they generate?
  129. What volcano has been erupting since 1986?
  130. what factors increase a volcanic eruptions potential
  131. What gases come out of a volcano when it erupts (all the time)?
  132. what types of eruption occur with high explosivity index.
  133. I am interested in the correlation of volcanic eruptions and tectonic earthquakes either preceeding or proceeding an eruption. Specifically, I am interested in any correlations between tectonic earthquakes and the eruptions of the Thera volcano.
  134. In light of the recent mud volcano eruption in Piparo, Trinidad, W.I. (02/22/1997), is it possible for the mud volcanoes of Trinidad to eventually become lava volcanoes?
  135. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  136. What is the principal conservation issue
  137. Are any of the current eruptions of Soufriere Hills in Monserrat
  138. What would happen if volcanoes no longer erupted?
  139. Is there a list somewhere of volancoes that have erupted
  140. Where can I find the description of the Vesuvius eruption
  141. Would an eruption of Kilauea affect Hilo?
  142. Is it true that peridotite was found after the eruption of Lake Nyos?
  143. What was the circumstances that led to the 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa?
  144. hello my name is dalia from Australia, I would like to ask about Krakatau can you please tell me what caused the the big eruption in 1883 exactly?
  145. What is the volcano that has erupted the most?
  146. Is there an upward or downward trend in volcanic activity when comparing the 19th and 20th century, or has our ability to monitor improved so volcanoes just get more attention?
  147. I am interested in the water vapor content in volcanic eruptions. I would imagine that the content would vary depending upon location, type, etc. What exactly is the source of this water vapor? Was there a higher percentage of water vapor in eruptions 3.5 billion years ago, or has the percentage remained constant? How do we know?
  148. Why do the volcanoes in the Carribean erupt such silicic lava - it seems that with two oceanic plates in collision you'd get less silicic basalts or maybe Andesite yet both Pele and the Soufriere Hills volcano seem to be erupting some pretty thick stuff!
  149. How long does a single eruption last?
  150. How did the 1982 eruption of El Chichon affect the climate?
  151. Hot hot is a volcano before it erupts?
  152. Send me all the information about major volcanic eruptions of the late 1980's and early 1990s.
  153. How many times can a volcano eruption before becoming extinct?
  154. i need in diagrams the stages in which a volcano erupts..can you help?
  155. I am a student doing a project on the Etna eruption in 1992.
  156. Compare the 1815 eruption of Tambora & 1883 eruption of Krakatoa.
  157. We've been to St.Kitts on many occasions and have been told the volcano in the center of the island, Mt. Misery, is active
  158. how many people have died with this volcano erupting?
  159. where did a volcano erupt on September 22, 1995?
  160. What chemicals are released in a volcanic eruption?
  161. What particular gases are associated with each type of eruption?
  162. What is the difference between a quiet eruption and an explosive eruption?
  163. When do you think Mount Lassen will erupt again?
  164. How do the eruptions of Lake Taupo compare to the larest known eruptions?
  165. Can an eruption be stopped?
  166. Why does volcanic activity vary in nature over the earths surface?
  167. How many people died?
  168. Have there been any eruptions in the last couple of years, on Mars?
  169. What are some of the state of the art techniques for the prediction of a volcanic eruption?
  170. When a volcano erupts, does the surrounding waters turn to acid like the scene in the movie Dante's Peak?
  171. Can you give me any statistics about the volcanoe eruption of Mt. Pelee
  172. Why are there projections of materials during an eruption
  173. what were the estimated quantities of compounds of S, C, and particulates?
  174. Tell us about the eruptions of Kilimanjaro
  175. how often does a volcano eruption??
  176. Which volcano,within the Ring of Fire, last erupted?
  177. What type of eruptions occur at Vesuvius?
  178. What caused the 1901 eruption of Mt. Pelee
  179. Is the ignimbrite that was formed by the huge Taupo eruption the same basic deposit as the pyroclastic flows produced by recent eruptions of Unzen and Pintubo?
  180. Can you give me any soures of data on the Capelinhos eruption on the Island of Faial
  181. We would like to know what was the last eruption. Where it was?
  182. What are the top 10 volcanic eruptions in this decade and how did they effect the surrounding areas and people?
  183. What is the site of the greatest volcanic explosion that took place in the last 2000 years?
  184. how soon can volcanoes be pridicted and how?
  185. When was the first major eruption of Volcanoes in the US?
  186. How do the eruptions occurring on Montserrat
  187. When was the last major volcanic eruption?
  188. What happened at Pinatubo?
  189. What indicators are there in volcanic gases that suggest to a volcanologist that an eruption is imminent?
  190. Would you please give me some information on the eruption of Mount Fuji.
  191. Why are volcanoes explosive?
  192. How could you save the people and the water supply, food supply and keep people from going crazy if there was a volcanic eruption twice the size of Tambora?
  193. Taupo lake, New Zealand used to big volcano before it was a lake how big was the eruption and was that the biggest eruption because people told me that ash when to China?
  194. What causes a volcano to erupt?
  195. How severe were the eruptions of Popocatepetl on May 10, 1998?
  196. When was the last time that Mount Kenya erupted?
  197. Will Tambora ever erupt again?
  198. How do volcanoes erupt?
  199. What are the five steps of a volcanic eruption?
  200. What causes a seemingly quiet, remote, small mountain to blow like El Chichon?
  201. Has or can a volcano implode, I mean build up to near eruption then pull everything back down ? With such a force as to pull the surrounding mountian in on itself ?
  202. Can you give me the names of the volcanoes that are still active?
  203. How can a volcano erupt under the ocean?
  204. What is the average extent of damage to the environment from a volcano erruption?
  205. What is the average extent of damage to the environment from a volcano erruption?
  206. what are the possible regional and global effects of a Yellowstone Caldera area erruption?
  207. What were the ten largest volcanic eruptions?
  208. What was the most powerful eruption?
  209. What 2 things do scientist look for to determine the size of an eruption?
  210. Can we assume that all volcanoes explode internally?
  211. What volcanoes have erupted up to September 1998?
  212. Can an ash cloud be large enough to cover an entire city for more than three days?
  213. What was the most destructive volcano eruption?
  214. I need information about the 1963 eruption of Agung and the 1982 eruption of El Chichon.
  215. What are the specific causes of volcanic activity?
  216. How are the shapes of a volcano affected by the viscosity of lava?
  217. How do volcanoes erupt?
  218. Can you summarize the major stages of an eruption for me?
  219. How do you predict the duration of a volcanic eruption?
  220. How do you predict the duration of a volcanic eruption?
  221. Can I get the names of all the major volcanoes that have erupted since 1982.
  222. What causes a volcano to become active after a long period of dormancy?
  223. What volcano has erupted the most?
  224. What volcano has erupted the least?
  225. When did a volcano erupt by a city, but not damage it?
  226. I live in Castaic, California. How can I be sure there are not going to be any eruptions on me?
  227. How many and what are the steps in the movement of magma up and out of a volcano?
  228. How is a pyroclastic flow formed?
  229. How often do volcanoes erupt?
  230. How are land and ocean volcanoes different?
    -lava differences
    -eruption products
  231. How long does it normally take a volcano to erupt?
  232. If the 1883 Krakatau eruption had the explosive force of 200 Mtons of TNT, what was the Megatons equivlants of Mt. Mazama, Tambora, and The Great Yellowstone eruptions?
  233. Where and when were the most famous eruptions?
  234. How do you know when a volcano last erupted?
  235. How often do volcanoes occur?
  236. How can you predict volcanic eruptions?
  237. What damage occurs from a volcanic eruption?
  238. Is there any earthquake either on land or under water before the eruption of a volcano?
  239. Which shield volcano caused the most damage?
  240. Which eruption has been the most destructive in history . . meaning fatalities, destruction?
  241. Has a volcano ever erupted so violently that it destroyed the mountain?
  242. How do volcanic eruptions block the Sun?
  243. How many volcanoes erupt each year?
  244. What are some of the dangers associated with an eruption of a composite volcano?
  245. What are the names and locations of all the volcanoes that erupted last year (1998)?
  246. Can I prevent a volcano to happen?
  247. How do the volcanoes shoot out rocks?
  248. What is the relationship between the magma typa and the type of eruption and the realtionship between the type of magma and the typa of cone?
  249. Will volcanoes that have been asleep for a long time sometimes erupt all of a sudden?
  250. What is the average length of a volcanic eruption?
  251. How many alert levels are there and what does each of them mean?
  252. Has anyone ever studied volcanic activity looking for a pattern or relationship of their eruptions? If so, what are some patterns?
  253. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  254. Describe the process of a volcanic eruption.
  255. What causes explosive eruptions?
  256. What are the different types of eruptions?
  257. What is a rift eruption and how does it happen?
  258. What gases are emitted when a volcano erupts?
  259. What really happens when a volcano erupts?
  260. What is the volcano that has been active longest, even if it's not active anymore?
  261. When Mount Rainier next erupts, how safe are the cities of Tacoma, Spanaway, Bremerton and Seattle?
  262. What makes a volcano erupt?
  263. What was the largest eruption of this century?
  264. What causes explosive volcanic eruptions?
  265. What was the most destructive volcano, meaning the most fatalites?
  266. When, where, why and how did the biggest and most dangerous volcano erupt?
  267. Has there ever been another eruption like Mt. St. Helens?
  268. If Mount ST. Helens erupts again, will it cause as much damage as it did in 1980?
  269. Do volcanic eruptions tend to destroy rock strata that contain fossils?
  270. What was the largest volcanic eruption in history?
  271. Is it true that gemstones can come out of volcanic eruptions, such as Mt. St. Helens?
  272. What volcano has the most eruptions?
  273. Which volcano was the most disasterous?
  274. What is going on underground the moment before the volcano erupts?
  275. Is there a mathematical formula for volcano prediction?
  276. Which volcano killed the most people?
  277. What is the speed of rocks that come out of volcanoes and what angles do the ejected rocks make?
  278. Which volcano has killed the most people?
  279. How do you know if a volcano is about to erupt?
  280. What was the largest volcanic explosion in history?
  281. What is the longest eruption?
  282. What effect does a volcanic eruption have on the weather in the immediate area?
  283. What is the approximate temperature of an eruption cloud?
  284. Why do some volcanoes blow off their tops and/or sides?
  285. Why does ash come out of the volcano?
  286. What happens first when a volcano starts to erupt?
  287. How could one predict if a volcano will erupt pyroclastic material or lava flows in its next eruption?
  288. What is probably the best-known eruption in history?
  289. Can you count the layers of a volcano and know how many times it has erupted?
  290. What are the yearly averages for the eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes?
  291. What is the square force of the flow of lava as its being pushed to the surface?
  292. How long does it take the volcano to erupt?
  293. What was the shortest eruption?
  294. At any given time, what is the average number of volcanoes that are erupting in the world?
  295. What are some of the more famous volcanic eruptions?
  296. What were the most destructive eruptions of Izu-Oshima?
  297. What is the quickest that a volcano has uplifted and erupted?
  298. Is it true that volcanoes erupt only during the summer?
  299. When a volcano erupts, what type of gases are released?
  300. How does different temperatures affect the lava flow of a volcanic eruption?
  301. What determines how much lava will come out of a volcano?
  302. What is the composition of volcanic ash?
  303. How much of the Earth's volcanic activity occurs underwater?
  304. What is the most severe volcanic eruption on Earth?
  305. What is the maximum height ever recorded of a volcanic plume?
  306. How do two different types of lavas end up in one eruption?
  307. How much energy is needed to cause a volcano to erupt?
  308. What events happen when the volcano erupts? How does it start- How does it end?
  309. How many people have been killed by the eruptions of Kilauea?
  310. How much pressure has to build up inside the volcanoe for it to explode?
  311. How much of the earth's volcanic activity occurs undersea?