Questions about volcanoes


  1. Why are the volcanoes mostly located around the Pacific area?
  2. How are volcanoes created?
  3. Can people go inside volcanoes?
  4. If a volcano is under water, how long does it take to surface?
  5. Are all the volcanoes on hawaii shield volcanoes?
  6. What is the rate of subduction for the Pacific plate and has it been constant?
  7. What is the difference between a volcano and a mountain?
  8. Why are there volcanoes in the world and on Io?
  9. How many times can a volcano erupt? How big can a volcano get? What is the biggest volcano?
  10. How many volcanoes are there in the world and where are they?
  11. I am looking for a list of active volcanoes.
  12. Where did volcanoes come from?
  13. What happens when a volcano erupts?
  14. Where is the Ring of Fire located?
  15. Do any volcanoes erupt in regular cycles eg every 10 years?
  16. I have learned that a dome is a mountain or hill with magma underneath it.
  17. What is the name and location of a reverse fault?
  18. Information about dormant volcanoes.
  19. What is the biggest volcano in the U.S.A?
  20. Have any individual North American volcanoes shown geochemical trends over time?
  21. Do the recent Japanese earthquakes influence volcanic activity either in Siberia or the Pacific Northwest?
  22. How do volcanoes form over spreading plates and subduction zones?
  23. Are there any volcanoes in Antarctica or in the north pole?
  24. Are there volcanoes in the ocean depths?
  25. What are the different types of volcanoes?
  26. Where is the loneliest volcano of the world?
  27. Can you suggest a book that discusses Extension as a volcano origin?
  28. 10 general questions about volcanoes that I need to know.
  29. How many volcanoes erupt a year?
  30. How hot is a volcano?
  31. Is there a relation between increased volcanic activity and seismic activity?
  32. Can you cite some good high school or freshman college books on Chemistry?
  33. What things come out of volcanoes?
  34. How do side vents form in volcanoes?
  35. Why does a volcano stop erupting?
  36. How did the volcanoes get their name?
  37. Scale of volcanic activity / a volcano cross section
  38. How hot is lava?
  39. What is the purpose of a volcano, and how hot is its core?
  40. I need to explain to my son the formation, growth and eruption of volcanoes.
  41. Are all volcanoes in Japan, New Zealand and the Cascade Navada region in California, USA are included in the Ring of Fire?
  42. We would like a free map of world volcano distribution.
  43. What is Volcanic Explosivity Index?
  44. What are the common dimensions of the vertical conduit on a volcano?
  45. Do you have any information on the ring of fire?
  46. How does magma form?
  47. What kinds of rocks and minerals are volcanoes made of?
  48. Do volcanos ever "die" ? Or just stay dormant and can erupt at any time ?
  49. In your professional opinion, which volcano provides the greatest risk to people at the moment?
  50. Why are there so many volcanoes on earth?
  51. Do you have any ideas for projects or other places I might find them?
  52. How often does a volcanoe erupt?
  53. Where is the most common place for shield volcanoes to be found?
  54. I am a 8 year old boy my question is how is pillow lava formed?
  55. What is a Cinder Cone Volcano?
  56. Is it true that volcanoes that more lava is expected to erupt from more flat volcanoes? Are there flatter and more cone-like volcanoes, or do they all comply with a certain conical shape?< /a>
  57. We are looking for a database which contains historical eruptions, sorted by date or volcano over the last two hundred years. Thanks for your time!
  58. Do the caldera like craters, craters in a row (suggesting hot spots), and flow like features on the moon suggest that there is or was volcanic activity
  59. How I could experiment with how the eruption affects the shape of the volcano.
  60. I am doing a research project on Grenada's (W.I.) volcanic crater lakes.
  61. If a volcano has collapsed to form a crater lake and has filled with water is it likely to have a deep silt for a bottom in which a diver may get trapped?
  62. What are the most common types of volcanoes?
  63. Is Vesuvius an active volcano?
  64. Which volcanic eruption was most deadly and devastating?
  65. How many years does it takes for a volcano to erupt?
  66. How are volcanoes born and what makes them erupt?
  67. Where does volcanic ash come from?
  68. How does a volcano erupt?
  69. I'm inquiring about some main gatherings of internet sites about volcanoes
  70. I'd like to know about the construction of volcanoes?
  71. Is it possible and if so how, would scientists detect an unknown volcano?
  72. How do Volcanoes affect the environment?
  73. Can you give more info. on the last major eruptions?
  74. How long does it take for a volcano to form?
  75. Could you explain how volcanologists predict when volcanoes will occur?
  76. Is it dangerous and exciting to study volcanoes?
  77. How are volcanoes found on Earth and other planets?
  78. I know about hot spots and subduction zones, but what is the other way volcanoes are formed?
  79. Is there any truth to the rumor of an increase in activity in the ring of fire?
  80. Like in how many cities had volcanos erupted in them or how many countries?
  81. How often do volcanos erupt?
  82. We are studying volcanoes and need some answers to a few questions:
  83. I would like to know more about basic and acid volcanic eruptions.
  84. Would you speak with more detail about volcanoes origin ?
  85. What action in the crust causes volcanic activity?
  86. What kind of things would i find in volcanoes?
  88. I am an 11 year old doing a science project on volcanoes, and I need to know "why do volcanoes erupt?
  89. What do p waves and s waves have to do with volcanoes?
  90. Chuck, I have some questions here from My Geography teacher MrHughes who thinks that you are his hero.
  91. How can I get straight forward information on how a volcano forms and its processes?
  92. Is there any relationship between volcanoes and tidal waves?
  93. Where could I find a database online of eruptions for the past century?
  94. Can You go into volcanoes?
  95. Can you help me build a model volcano.
  96. What is the smallest volcano in the world?
  97. Why doesn't the lava melt through the sides of the volcano?
  98. Where are volcanoes located?
  99. How do volcanoes form?
  100. Which volcano is likely to erupt next? What is the largest volcano in the solar system ?
  101. How much new land is formed each year because of volcanoes?
  102. What volcano is the newest currently erupting? and is there a current updated list to see like there is earthquakes?
  103. What do volcanoes and earthquakes have to do with the Pacific Ring Of Fire?
  104. How do volcanoes form and work?
  105. Am I correct that a volcanic plume was recently detected on one of Jupiter's moons by a space probe?
  106. I would like to know why the volcanoes on Mars are so much larger than those on earths?
  107. My question is,How long is the longest lava tube in the world?
  108. What creates a volcano.
  109. What's happening in Mammouth Lakes, Ca.?
  110. What does caldera mean?
  111. We would like to know what changes occur in the structure of a volcano during it's life?
  112. What types of gases are ejected into the air during an eruption?
  114. Where are assorted volcanoes around the world?
  115. What is the difference between a crater, a caldera and a vent?
  116. What is the largest active volcano?
  117. Is it true that Mount St. Helens may erupt once again?
  118. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  119. Does the presence of very old intrusive igneous rocks increase the likelihood of a volcano occuring in the near future?
  120. How do volcanoes work?
  121. My Earth Science professor has requested me to ask you If you know of any good source material relating to volcanoes.
  122. Please send all the info you have on volcanoes.I'm doing a report on this subject.
  123. Have any of your colleagues ever been killed or hurt during your study of volcanoes?
  124. How do the volcanoes on Mars compare to the volcanoes here on Earth?
  125. I need a lot of information on undersea volcanoes.
  126. What is a stratovolcano?
  127. What is the difference between a shield volcano and a strato volcano?
  128. Why do volcanoes form in only certain areas?
  129. Where is the Ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean?
  130. Please explain what is a "hot spot" and why it remains relatively fixed compared to plates?
  131. About how many volcanoes are there in the world, that we know of?
  132. How are volcanos formed?
  133. How were volcanoes formed, and why do they erupted?
  134. Why are volcanoes called volcanoes?
  135. I want to know if anybody has gone into a volcano?
  136. How do you know how a volcano erupts?
  137. What is the is the most destructive volcano in the world?
  138. What three basic kinds of materials may erupt from a volcano?
  139. What is the Ring of Fire?
  140. How many volcanos are there on Venus?
  141. We've trying to find out if there is any current VOLCANIC activity north of 80 degrees NORTH latitude.
  142. What is the average amount of volcano eruptions in a year?
  143. I'm doing a research on underwater volcanoes But,I can not find anything.
  144. What keeps the ocean from draining into the core at a subduction zone?
  145. Is there an estimate of how much land has been created by volcanoes?
  146. What are the types of gases that are emitted from the volcano after an eruption?
  147. The relationship between volcanoes and plate tectonics.
  148. What is a volcano?
  149. What are cinder cones?
  150. What are the different types of volcanoes?
  151. What do plate tectonics have to do with volcano types?
  152. What type of Volcano seems to be the most dangerous?
  153. How do volcanoes form?
  154. I'd like to know how volcanoes are formed.
  155. What color, exactly, is magma while it is still inside the Earth?
  156. can an ash cloud get bigger once the valcano stops for good?
  157. I've heard that a hotspot may feed multiple volcanoes at one time, and that hotspots can shift and change shape over time. Are these statements true?
  158. I heard that there have been rift zones that have become inactive, and then became active again in geological past. Is this true, and how is it possible?
  159. explain the three major types of volcanos
  160. What are the different layers of a volcano and could you give me an image of a volcano cut in half showing me all those layers.
  161. Why do we have volcanoes here on Earth?
  162. How much lava is spurted out of the volcano in an average eruption. And stuff!
  163. what is the relationship between volcanoes and earthquakes
  164. Why do Volcanoes become dormant after a period of time and how can you tell if one is dormant?
  165. What is the relation between the volcano and the plate tectonic ?
  166. How do tectonic plates effect volcanic eruption and is the equipment that advance that you could detect it before hand?
  167. Why do we have volcanoes here on Earth?
  168. What causes a volcano to form?
  169. How do volcanoes work?
  170. How can volcanoes become extinct?
  171. I was wondering if you could tell me simply how a volcano works.
  172. Why do volcanoes "go extinct" even along an arc of volcanoes that remains active?
  173. what is a volcano
  174. Do you have any info. on volcanos on other planets?
  175. How do volcanoes work?
  176. If it is so cold in Iceland, why did a volcano errupt there?
  177. How deep can a volcanoe be?
  178. When is a volcano extinguished ???
  179. I would like a detailed answer about all the internal instabilities that lead to volcanic erruptions.
  180. How many volcanoes have occurred since 1961?
  181. I would love to see a picture of tuff.
  182. Is a stratovolcano a type of volcano and if so why isn't it listed.
  183. Please could you tell me loads and loads about volcanoes because I have to do a geography project at school
  184. What is the definition of "cinder cone volcano"
  185. How do volcanoes actually form?
  186. I would like some information on DIATREMES ... specifically their formation, economic importance with reference to kimberlite and mafic and ultra-mafic materials, and the world locations of some of the most prominent diatremes.
  187. What is a stratovolcano?
  188. What does the term "RING OF FIRE" refer to?
  189. Why do we have volcanoes?
  190. Where are most of the world's volcanoes located?
  191. I am writing a research paper on volcanoes and I would like to know the maindifferent kind of volcanoes
  192. Please site the ten (10) most active volcanoes in the world.
  193. How does a volcano work?
  194. How are Volcanoes formed/caused?
  195. Do volcanoes go all the way through the earth?
  196. Why some volcanoes are found far from plate boundaries?
  197. I learned a lot about volcanoes at mtlassen national park last week. when we were leaving the park i looked at one of hte volcanos and noticed steam coming out of the top of the side. I thought all these volcanos were dormant. Is this a sing that it may erupt soon
  198. I need a picture of the structure of a volcano
  199. I would like to find out where volcanic eruptions have occurred duringthe past 30 years, for my school project.
  200. What is the most active volcano?
  201. what is inside a volcano and are there any picture or drawing
  202. How are volcanoes made?
  203. I need a quick short summary on valcones in general.
  205. Why do volcanoes become extinct? Do extinct volcanoes ever re-activate?
  206. How accurate are the dates of eruptions determined by examining volcanic ash in ice cores?
  207. 1. Explain what a volcano is. 2. Explain how a volcano forms. 3. Describe the kinds of volcanic material.
  208. what are the characteristics of volcanoes?
  209. What is a volcano and why does it eurpt
  210. Is there an increase of activity in the past 100 years?
  211. Are volcanos most likely formed on islands? And if so, why? And if not, is there a system in volcanos' locations?
  212. How do volcanoes erupt?
  213. How hot is the middle of a volcano?
  214. Why do volcanoes happen?
  215. What is an active volcano and where are the active volcanoes?
  216. In the movies Volcano and Dante's Peak, the volcanoes erupted both lava and ash. Is that possible?
  217. What is a maar volcano?
  218. How many volcanoes have ever erupted?
  219. Can I get some information about the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  220. Are cinder cones and composite cones types of volcanoes or types of volcano cones?
  221. Can I see a listing and pictures of the ring of fire volcanoes?
  222. I was just wondering if volcanos ever have living things on them, if so what?
  223. How many volcanoes have lakes formed on top of them?
  224. Where can I find a map from alive and dead volcanoes?
  225. How do you measure a volcano?
  226. Can you tell me the names and locations of dormant and extinct volcanoes?
  227. What is the most active Volcano in the whole World?
  228. What is the comparison between continental and oceanic volcanic eruptions?
  229. Are volcanoes under glaciers common in the world?
  230. What is the biggest volcano in the world?
  231. What is a volcano?
  232. How do volcanoes erupt?
  233. Are there any mineral resources within volcanoes?
  234. What is some basic information about volcanoes?
  235. Are there generally more volcanoes in the northern or southern hemisphere (or western or eastern) and if so why?
  236. What is the northernmost active volcano?
  237. Which type of volcanoes form cinder cones, composite cones and shields?
  238. What are the three types of volcanic cones?
  239. What causes volcanoes?
  240. How does the frequency and location of volcanoes relate to the tectonic plate boundaries?
  241. Of the 600 to 700 volcanones in the pacific ring of fire, how many are active, how many are considered dead? Also, are any of the active ones in the ring close enough to habited land to cause a problem?
  242. Why do most volcanoes form at plate boundaries?
  243. How does a mountain become a volcano?
  244. Where do you find the MOST volcanoes in the world?
  245. Which volcano is most active on Earth?
  246. What is the percentage of types of volcanoes in the world? Is there a dominant form of volcano?
  247. Are there any volcanoes under the ocean?
  248. what are different layers of a volcano?
  249. How many shield volcanoes are there on Earth?
  250. What is the largest volcano crater?
  251. What is a stratovolcano?
  252. A book said that Mauna Loa is the tallest volcano, but what about Ojos del Salado?
  253. Does atmospheric pressure affect the number of volcanoes on a planet?
  254. What are the major volcanoes of the world?
  255. Is a volcano just made up of rocks?
  256. Which submarine volcano is the highest one?
  257. Where would you find the most volcanoes?
  258. In Hawaii we saw an area near a steam vent that had sulfur deposits. How does the sulfur get there and is sulfur the only mineral deposited from volcanic steam?
  259. How many planets have volcanoes on them?
  260. How many volcanoes are there on each continent?
  261. What are the physical features of a volcano?
  262. How many times will a single volcano erupt in its lifetime?
  263. What threat(s) do shield volcanos, composite volcanos, & a caldera pose to humans?
  264. Is it possible that there can be a connection between two volcanoes?
  265. Is there any way of preventing volcanoes from erupting? What about the new technology being developed in Japan?
  266. What are submarine volcanoes?
  267. Is a composite volcano violent?
  268. Why do volcanoes happen?
  269. How many different types of volcanoes are there?
  270. Where is a volcano most likely to occur?
  271. If a volcano is extinct, can it become active again?
  272. Do you predict any upcoming volcanoes erupting in new places or will just the same volcanoes erupt?
  273. How are volcanic caves formed?
  274. Why does melted magma from a descending subduction plate rise to the surface of the Earth?
  275. What causes volcanoes to erupt? Is it a shift in the plates?
  276. How old are the oldest active stratovolcanos, specifically in the Cascade range.
  277. How do volcanoes cause erosion and landforms?
  278. What is the name of the southernmost active volcano?
  279. How fast can volcanoes form?
  280. Could you give me a list of cinder cone volcanoes?
  281. Why do some volcanoes erode like the "Tower of Devil" in Wyoming?
  282. What causes volcanoes?
  283. What volcano is the northernmost active volcano?
  284. Where are the three places that volcanoes form?
  285. Is it likely that there will be another volcanic eruption as great as, say, Krakatoa in 1883 any time soon?
  286. Do volcanoes give off smoke?
  287. What is the cycle of a volcano?
  288. How do volcanic cones form?
  289. Why do steep-sided volcanoes form over down-going plates?
  290. How do volcanoes start and form?
  291. Where are volcanos most likely found?
  292. How do volcanoes on the west coast of the US compare to the volcanoes in Japan
  293. What are the different parts of a volcano?
  294. How does a volcano form?
  295. What are the 2 biggest volcanoes in the whole world and where are they?
  296. Why do volcanoes sit for a long time and then finally erupt?
  297. Could a volcano form anywhere?
  298. What makes rhylolitic volcanoes different from other volcanoes, except the silica content?
  299. What volcano has the hottest lava in the world?
  300. Do volcanoes grow?
  301. Why are most of the volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean?
  302. Are stratovolcanoes a true danger to a nearby city?
  303. What is the second largest volcano in the world?
  304. Why do some volcanoes become extinct faster than others?
  305. Did volcanoes form or help make proper contenents of the Earth?
  306. Why do earthquakes and volcanoes occur in the same places?
  307. Are volcanos considered to be mountains?
  308. Why do volcanoes become dormant?
  309. Does the size of a volcano determine its potential to create destruction?
  310. What is the most serious volcanic threat to a large population in the next several decades?
  311. What is a shield volcano made of?
  312. How do volcanoes form?
  313. How do volcanoes work?
  314. Is it possible for a volcano to form in the center of a continent?
  315. What are the processes of a volcano?
  316. What are the different types of volcanoes and what are their differences?
  317. Why do volcanoes differ in size and shape?
  318. Why do some volcanoes become extinct quicker than others?
  319. Which volcano is the most dangerous known to man, and why?
  320. What does a volcano look like on the inside?
  321. What geologic purpose do volcanoes serve?
  322. Can you tell me why volcanoes can be classified a natural disaster?
  323. Why do volcanoes differ in size and shape?
  324. Why are volcanoes volcanoes and not flowing rivers of magma and lava?
  325. How do dome mountains rise without erupting?
  326. Are there more volcanoes under the ocean than on land?
  327. Which type of volcano is the most explosive?
  328. What volcano has had the largest eruption?
  329. What are the different shapes of volcanoes?
  330. Why do volcanoes rarely go higher in altitude than about 4500 meters?
  331. Do underwater volcanoes have pyroclastic flows?
  332. How have volcanoes helped to form the earth?
  333. Many volcanoes are called cooling vents for the earth. Why?
  334. Why are regions of normal faulting associated with basaltic volcanoes and regions of reverse faulting are associated with andesitic volcanoes?